MARICO – Exclusive distributor for UNIMARINE products in Vietnam

quantriweb 15/07/2023

With nearly 20 years of experience in the maritime industry, MARICO has established itself as a trusted partner for domestic and international maritime fleets. Committed to quality and product diversity, MARICO has officially become the exclusive distributor for UNIMARINE GROUP – a multinational conglomerate specializing in key products such as chemicals, petroleum and fuels.

This collaboration marks a significant milestone, opening up new opportunities for MARICO and UNIMARINE on their journey toward prosperity in the maritime sector.


MARICO – A pioneer in the maritime sector, providing maritime safety products, equipment and firefighting systems. With 20 years of experience in the maritime industry, MARICO has demonstrated its credibility and quality, serving prominent fleets such as VINAFCO, VISICO, VOSCO,…

MARICO proudly acts as the exclusive agent and distributor for many renowned global brands, including SECUMAR, LALIZAS, EVAL, RONGSHENG, GASCLIP, HONEYWELL FENZY, KOEHLER BRIGHTSTAR and others. This affirms MARICO’s commitment to quality and its ability to meet diverse customer needs.

UNIMARINE Group is  is an established Marine Chemical business since 1974, by setting up Unimarine Group in April 1988. Present in 45 countries worldwide, UNIMARINE operates two manufacturing facilities in Dubai and Spain, along with branches in Cyprus, Greece, Spain and the UAE, and exclusive distributors in various countries.

With over 45 years of experience, UNIMARINE has solidified its position in the field of maritime chemicals and gases. UNIMARINE is dedicated to delivering the highest quality products and services, complying with international standards and certified by IMO and ISO 9001:2015. UNIMARINE’s team of experts continually research and develop new solutions to ensure safety and efficiency in maritime operations.

UNIMARINE offers six primary product categories, including:

  • Marine chemicals and test kits
  • Cleaning products
  • Refrigerants & equipment
  • Gases & Welding equipment
  • Pollution control products

MARICO – Exclusive distributor for UNIMARINE products in Vietnam

MARICO - Exclusive distributor for UNIMARINE products in Vietnam

MARICO has become the exclusive distributor of UNIMARINE products in Vietnam, further solidifying its position in the maritime industry. This partnership with UNIMARINE, one of the top players in the maritime chemical industry worldwide, provides several privileges for customers, including:

  • 100% money-back guarantee if the purchased products fail to meet quality standards.
  • Access to UNIMARINE-branded chemical products, known for their top-tier quality.
  • Competitive pricing due to global manufacturing facilities.
  • 24/7 consultation and tailored customer support.

Becoming the exclusive distributor for UNIMARINE also contributes to the growth of the maritime sector in Vietnam, ushering in a new era of superior experiences and tailored solutions for customers, both locally and internationally.

This collaboration between MARICO and UNIMARINE opens up numerous opportunities for both entities to enhance product development, expand their market reach, and increase value for their customers.