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The H2S Single Gas Clip detector is appreciated for its simplicity and ease of use. With the help of this device, those who often have to work in potentially high-risk environments seem to be able to proactively ensure their own safety. Let’s learn more about this handy portable gas detector model with the following article.

Product introduction of single gas detector H2S Single Gas Clip

When the concentration of harmful gases, most typically H2S, exceeds the standard threshold, it will cause numerous adverse effects on human health. Not only affecting the respiratory system, if the concentration of these gases is too high, it can also affect the life.

Because of the above reasons, it is extremely important to control the concentration of these gases in the surrounding space, especially in working environments with specific characteristics and many risks. To support the measurement and control of the concentration of these harmful gases, portable gas control machines have been researched and released. Typical among them can be mentioned the single gas detector H2S Single Gas Clip.

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Outstanding features of the H2S gas detector – Single Gas Clip

About the design of the Single Gas Clip . toxic gas meter

Referring to the Single Gas Clip, surely, the first point that attracts users is their design. Machine with super compact structure, fits the user’s hand. As a result, creating considerable convenience for you during the operation and use of the device.

The weight is only 76g, so you can completely carry the device with you at all times during work without feeling too heavy or bulky.

H2S Gasclip . single gas detector

About performance

The machine has the ability to operate continuously for 2 years. Accordingly, users do not need to perform calibration or charge the battery. Ensure optimal time savings for units. Especially those units that need to operate equipment continuously in shifts.

The concentration test results that the H2S Single Gas Clip single gas detector bring are quite accurate. When it detects that the concentration of toxic gas exceeds the safe threshold, the machine will emit an audible alarm. Thereby, users can actively overcome and have the most optimal protection direction.

About how to use

The machine has a structure consisting of 1 button, allowing users to easily measure and check the concentration of H2S in the environment accurately with just one operation.

Clear LCD display. This makes reading concentration test results much easier.

Gasclip Technologies  is the only US company that warrants both products and accessories for 24 months. Warranty system is distributed worldwide. All costs of receiving and sending goods under warranty are covered by the warranty company.


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Address: 183C/5P Ton That Thuyet, Ward 4, District 4, HCMC

Phone: + 84. 28 – 377 32 140 / + 84 .28 – 377 32 141

Email: info@gotco.com.vn