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It can be said that the introduction of toxic gas detectors has brought outstanding applications to people, especially those who have to regularly contact and work in dangerous and risky environments. Among many types of gas detectors of many different brands, with preeminent features, the Gasclip Simple toxic gas detector is the choice of many individuals and units. Compact structure, stable performance are the strengths that this product possesses.

About the Multi Gas Clip Simple toxic gas detector

In confined environments, enclosed spaces or areas with many potential sources of toxic gas, it is extremely necessary to equip gas detector products. If the environment exists toxic gases such as CO, H2S exceeding the standard threshold, or the oxygen concentration is too low or too high… People.

Aiming at improving user safety when working in the above environments, the Multi Gas Clip Simple gas concentration meter has been researched and released. Accordingly, this device can detect and detect accurately and sensitively 4 gases such as H2S, CO, Oxygen, LEL flammable gases (such as CH4, ICH4, …).

Thus, with the support of this utility device, users can consider, adjust as well as have the best self-protection measures.

Outstanding advantages of the Multi Gas Clip Simple gas detector

It is no coincidence that the Multi Gas Clip Simple handheld gas detector has received many high reviews from the market. In fact, the product possesses many outstanding advantages, such as:

Compact design, convenient for application

The Multi GasClip Simple design features a compact handheld form factor. Therefore, it is extremely convenient for users in the process of using, detecting and detecting gas.

Users can then carry it with them during work and move without feeling too entangled and heavy.

gasclip simple gas detector

Gas detector does not need to be charged

Unlike other models on the market, Multi Gas Clip Simple can operate stably without the need for battery charging or maintenance. Specifically, after activating the device, users can use them continuously for 24 hours, 365 days and for 2 years . This factor has brought considerable convenience in the process of using the machine.

Thus, for businesses operating in the field that need to use gas detectors continuously, Capex / Opex costs can be significantly reduced according to the number of units to be purchased. Because, the detector can be transferred to the person in the next shift for use without having to spend time waiting for the device to recharge.

good luck when doc gasclip simple

No calibration required

One of the outstanding and indispensable advantages of this Multi Gas Clip Simple series is that users do not need to calibrate after each use, but still ensure absolute accuracy during measurement. gas detection.

Thanks to this feature, the process of using the machine can significantly save gas as well as test time.

Application of the product Gasclip Simple toxic gas detector

The product works with a diffusion mechanism , thereby providing outstanding performance during use. Accordingly, with just one button, you can activate the measurement mode, gas detection quickly without spending too much effort.

In the case of gas measurement in the cargo hold area, if toxic gas is detected, the user needs to open the ventilation fan or door to make the space more ventilated. After a period of time, the measurement needs to be repeated.

In the maritime field, the Gasclip Simple toxic gas detector is commonly used on conventional ships, oil tankers, gas ships, etc. In addition, the device is also used in industrial plants and in areas. cargo tunnels, chemical plants, mines, etc., to ensure optimum labor safety.

Possessing outstanding advantages, the Multi Gas Clip Simple gas detector will surely be a remarkable choice for anyone. For individuals and units that often operate in a work environment with many potential risk factors, equipping a quality standard gas detector product will be the optimal measure for you to proactively protect yourself from undesirable risks.


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Address: 183C/5P Ton That Thuyet, Ward 4, District 4, HCMC

Phone: + 84. 28 – 377 32 140 / + 84 .28 – 377 32 141