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quantriweb 8/02/2023

SECUMAR Inflatable Lifejackets are professionally designed by experienced experts in the field. Additionally, SECUMAR branded lifejackets meet international standards, fulfilling even the most stringent requirements of our customers. These products have become indispensable equipment for individuals and entities operating in the maritime and shipping industry.


SECUMAR, a renowned brand, has been manufacturing and selling lifesaving equipment for over 60 years, establishing a global leadership position in the industry.

The company holds ISO:9001 certification and boasts a team of 100 experienced experts in the field. With the company’s philosophy, SECUMAR consistently designs suitable solutions in the field of lifesaving technology that are also compatible with other systems, to meet current and future customer requirements for network safety protection in all situations.

In Vietnam, MARICO is the official long-term partner of the SECUMAR brand. The collaboration between both companies goes beyond business, as they share a vision and values regarding customer safety. MARICO proudly brings nearly 20 years of experience in maritime safety and stands as one of the most reputable brands in the industry.



SECUMAR Inflatable Lifejackets

All “SECUMAR Inflatable Lifejackets” product codes are exclusively distributed by MARICO.

By prioritizing science and technology in product design, SECUMAR has earned high praise from customers and experts in the industry. SECUMAR’s lifejacket products are compact, easy to use, and excel in mechanical impact resistance, making them a top choice. Thanks to their use of premium materials, these products effectively resist abrasion and are minimally affected by factors like UV rays, moisture, or environmental temperature changes.

Furthermore, SECUMAR inflatable lifejackets are suitable for everyone, demonstrating the responsibility of a brand with over 60 years in the industry – ensuring safety for all.

Applications of SECUMAR Inflatable Lifejackets

With specialized design and high load-bearing capacity, certified by reputable authorities, SECUMAR’s inflatable lifejackets have become indispensable companions for customers during offshore journeys. They are particularly popular in search and rescue operations, where risks are prevalent.

In environments with various potential hazards like the sea, ensuring personal safety is a necessity. While no risk mitigation can be 100% foolproof, SECUMAR lifejackets provided by MARICO come remarkably close to achieving this level of safety. They are considered highly effective protective tools, ensuring your safety to the fullest extent possible.


Considerations when using SECUMAR Inflatable Lifejackets

To ensure that the lifejacket functions according to the manufacturer’s specifications, please note:

  • The optimal storage temperature for the lifejacket ranges from -54°C to +70°C.
  • The recommended temperature range for using the lifejacket is from -10°C to +70°C.

How to use SECUMAR Inflatable Lifejackets

Wearing the lifejacket: SECUMAR Inflatable Lifejackets are worn like conventional lifejackets. They feature a front stainless steel buckle to ensure a snug fit.

Automatic activation: The lifejacket automatically inflates when submerged in water, thanks to the built-in CO2 gas cylinder activation system.

Manual activation: In the event that automatic activation is not possible, you can manually inflate the lifejacket by pulling the cord connected to the CO2 cylinder, causing it to puncture.

Inflation using the oral inflation tube: All inflatable lifejackets include an oral inflation tube as a backup, located near the collar. In case automatic or manual systems fail, you can inflate the lifejacket by blowing into this tube.

SECUMAR Inflatable lifejackets

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